Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations
Fédération des Assocations des Professeurs Universitaires du Manitoba

  • Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations

The Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations (MOFA) is comprised of faculty associations from Brandon University, Université de Saint-Boniface, University of Manitoba, and University of Winnipeg representing approximately 1,600 individual academic staff.

In Focus


Academic Freedom & University Independence

University Budgets & Priorities

Politics and Policy

Manitoba Development

MOFA is a vehicle for communication and coordination across the faculties of professional scholars in Manitoba contributing to regional, national, and international social, scientific, cultural, state, and economic development within ecological integrity. We convene to secure our integrity as protectors of rigorous knowledge and free human expression across social, spatial, and historical boundaries.

Current Issues

Helping Universities Pays Long-Term Dividends August 29, 2019

You don’t often hear politicians exalt the benefits of a less-educated population. Yet many provincial governments across the country are putting in place policies that are going to have that effect. According to the National Observer,

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MOFA Report Confirms Higher Tuition Fees Hurt Low Income Students July 19, 2019

Report originally released July 4, 2017 Higher tuition fees in Manitoba will reduce university participation of youth from lower-income families, and discourage students from pursuing public interest careers, according to a report released by the Manitoba

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