Show Your Support For UMFA Members: Call Minister Advanced Education Minister Wayne Ewasko Today

Oct 26, 2021 | News

Show your support for UMFA Members!

Today, take 3 minutes and call the Minister of Advanced Education, Wayne Ewasko at 2040945-8480 to demand he rescind the mandate and meet with UMFA. Ask to speak to his Special Assistant.UMFA representatives have been reaching out to Ewasko’s office for weeks and he’s told us he’s too busy to meet.

That’s unacceptable. What could be more pressing for the Minister of Advanced Education than an impending strike in the province’s largest institution of advanced education?

Calling today will help you demonstrate UMFA’s resolve and make it clear to Minister Ewasko that his government’s meddling in our bargaining will result in a strike if he doesn’t withdraw the mandate. If they tell you to call the Minister of Finance instead, insist that Ewasko should be advocating for post-secondary education.

No one wants a strike, but you are committed to fighting for a fair deal that addresses our recruitment and retention crisis and respects the value UMFA members bring to the UofM.