MOFA Brief on Performance-Based Funding

Oct 14, 2022 | Legislation Tracker, News

MOFA has prepared the following response to the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration’s request for additional consultations on a performance-based funding model (PBF) in Manitoba.

MOFA has previously engaged the department on this matter through virtual and written dialogue. However, Minister Jon Reyes has refused to rule out performance-based funding, despite the ample evidence that such a scheme will cause substantial harm to Manitoba’s post-secondary education system. Furthermore, his department has yet to produce any evidence that this imported scheme will improve outcomes for Manitoba students.

Through this submission, we have provided the Minister and his department with abundant information and evidence that PBF is the wrong choice for the future of Manitoba’s universities, faculty, and students. We encourage the Minister to consider our submission and to formally reject the performance-based funding model which will be of no benefit to Manitobans.

The full submission is available here:

Are you interested in working together to stop PBF in Manitoba? Contact the MOFA Co-ordinator, to get involved!