Call for Nominations for MOFA Committees

Jul 22, 2021 | News

MOFA is seeking membership participation in several new committees as we begin the implementation and design of our Higher Education Works campaign. The committees will be responsible for working with and directing the MOFA campaign director in their work. The committees will operate in a consensus-based decision-making process. Should items before the committee require voting to determine the future direction, the committees shall allocate one vote for each institution participating in the committee.

Interested members should contact Zach Fleisher, MOFA Campaigns Coordinator at before March 29th, 2021.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Finance and Operations Committee

  • The purpose of the committee shall be to meet to review MOFA’s finances while representing the constituent faculty associations who have made financial contributions to the MOFA campaign.
  • The committee will also be responsible for approving any incidental costs for the campaign, provided in writing by the campaign coordinator. Any costs above $100 must be approved in advance by the committee.

Political Action, Solidarity and Community Outreach Committee

  • The purpose of the committee shall be to plan, coordinate and authorize any external political action for MOFA relating to our “Higher Education Works” campaign.
  • The committee shall identify opportunities for MOFA to support other unions and social movements as well as community initiatives.
  • The committee shall proactively identify opportunities for MOFA to engage in acts of solidarity and coalition development.
  • The committee will approve all outgoing communications for the MOFA website, CAUT campaign site, and external actions.

Membership Outreach Committee

  • The purpose of the committee shall be to serve as an organizing group in regard to MOFA’s internal campaign.
  • The committee shall review the ongoing work of the MOFA campaign co-ordinator in reaching out and identifying support on each campus.
  • The committee members shall make themselves available to speak with members of their own institutions as well as other institutions with MOFA members in order to build cross-campus solidarity and to provide support for the co-ordinator.

For more information, please contact Zach Fleisher at