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MOFA Responds to K-12 Review, Bill 64

With the release of the K-12 report and the introduction of Bill 64 earlier today, the Pallister government is continuing the dismantling of our public education system. MOFA strongly believes that the elimination of our school boards is fundamentally undemocratic and reduces crucial democratic input from both parents and Manitobans at large. From day one, we’ve seen that this Conservative government was unwilling to work with anyone who objected to their needless austerity, instead choosing to unilaterally cut funding to services that Manitobans depend on. Earlier this year, we saw that the Pallister government openly threatened to cut 30% of funding to universities in the midst of a global pandemic.


Now, the province has focused their attention on our education system. Instead of trusting qualified and experienced educators and community members, we see another example of “Brian knows best,” where the decisions about your child’s education will be made at the PC cabinet table. Simply put, replacing democratically elected school boards with political appointees and party insiders will result in political interference. This is yet another troubling step towards authoritarianism from the Pallister government and his cabinet colleagues.


MOFA stands in solidarity with the thousands of educators and educational staff who work hard everyday to serve our students, their families and their communities. MOFA strongly objects to further over reach and the deep politicization of our public education system, and calls on the provincial government to withdraw Bill 64 and reject the findings of the K-12 report.