Constitution & By-laws

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Constitution of the Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations

Approved October 15, 1994
Revised March 23, 2000

  1. Name

    The name shall be the Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations, hereinafter referred to as the Organization.

  2. Purpose

      The Purpose of the Organization shall be:
    1. To promote the quality of education within universities and colleges in Manitoba.
    2. To safeguard and promote the interests of the member associations and their memberships, and to act cooperatively in furthering these interests.
  3. Affiliations

    The Organization shall be affiliated with the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

  4. Membership

    1. Members shall be all participating University and College faculty associations.
    2. All accredited faculty associations within the province of Manitoba shall be eligible for membership in the Organization. Accreditation shall be determined by the council.
  5. Council

    1. The governing body of the Organization shall be the Council.
    2. The Council shall consist of the immediate past president of the Organization and three representatives of each member association.
    3. Each member association shall have one vote with respect to all items of council business. Except for consitutional amendments, approval of these items shall be by a simple majority of the member associations present.
    4. At the last regular meeting of each fiscal year, the Council shall elect its officers for the subsequent fiscal year. The president shall call for nominations at least one month in advance of the meeting.
    5. The Council shall appoint from its membership the provincial delegates to the CAUT Council meetings. The delegates shall act upon the advice of the Council.
  6. Officers

    The officers of the Organization shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Members-at-large will be added to ensure that all four organizations are represented on the executive.

  7. Meetings

    1. The Council shall meet:
      1. At least four times a year.
      2. At the call of any member organization.
      3. At the call of the president.
    2. A quorum for meetings of the Council shall consist of five representatives, including representatives from at least three of the member associations.
  8. Committees

    The Council may establish such standing or special committees as it may deem advisable.

  9. Amendments

    1. Amendments made to the Constitution may be made by the Council at any meeting with all organizations present with the approval of two thirds of the member associations.
    2. Notice of proposed amendments shall be given in writing at least one month before the date of the meeting.
  10. Financing

    Financing will be as specified in By-law 3.

  11. By-laws

    The Council shall establish by-laws from time to time as it deems advisable.

By-laws of the Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations

Approved October 15, 1994
Revised March 23, 2000

By-law 1 – Responsibilities of Officers

  1. The President of the Organization shall:
    1. Preside at all meetings of the Council.
    2. Ensure that the policies set by the Council are implemented.
    3. Ensure, as far as possible, that all officers and committees perform their respective duties.
    4. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  2. The Vice-President shall carry out the duties assigned by the President and shall fulfill the duties of the President in the case of the latter's absence of incapacity.
  3. The Secretary shall:
    1. Record the minutes of the meetings of the Council and ensure that minute books for such meetings are maintained.
  4. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Receive all monies paid to the Organization and deposit the same in whichever financial institution Council may order.
    2. Keep record of dues paid by members.
    3. Account for the funds of the Organization and keep such books of account as may be directed.
    4. Present financial reports to meetings of the Council.
  5. Only the President, or his or her delegate, shall make formal public statements on behalf of the Organization. Furthermore, the President, or his or her delegate, is authorized to make public statements about matters related to CAUT.

By-law 2 – Terms of Office

  1. The term of office for representatives and officers shall be one year. Representatives and officers shall take office on June 1st and shall go out of office on May 31st of the year in which their terms of office expire.
  2. An officer may serve in a position for three consecutive one year terms.

By-law 3 – Financing

  1. The fiscal year of the Organizations shall be the period from April 1st in any year to March 31st in the following year.
  2. Fees shall be determined from time to time by the Council subject to the approval of each member association.
  3. The budget and any fee revision shall be decided upon at a meeting at such a time as to permit ratification by the member associations before April 1st.
  4. Changes in the fees shall take effect on the first day of the new fiscal year.
  5. Members shall be bound for any financial commitments duly entered in while they are members.
  6. The signing officers of the Organization shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The signing officers may authorize any expenditure as long as it is consistent with the budget. At least two signatures shall be required for expending funds of the Organization.
  7. In the event of dissolution, the assets for the Organization shall be distributed according to the proportion of dues paid.